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On August 9th I attended my third Skillshare class taught by Steve Schlafman of Lerer Ventures.  This class was on what sort of gifts you should bring to an interview and I don’t mean flowers, chocolates, or even money. Steve’s class was about how to prepare for an interview.

The first thing I learned in his class was pretty smart, always be looking. At first I was like what? why would I look for a job if I have the perfect job in the world. However, when Steve explained to me that you’re always looking  even if it isn’t you intent by the networks you create by meeting people.  

Another thing I liked about the class that it was very interactive, Unlike other Skillshare classes, this class was a bit small which worked to its advantage. We went around the room and everybody gave in their input on what they do in interviews. After each person was done, Steve would elaborate on each persons input.  

Steve went over what sort of questions to ask one of the questions that stuck out to me was asking Do you have any doubts whether I am suited for this position? You maybe thinking, like WTF how can you ask that type of question. That’s like straight up asking if you got the job.  Basically it is the way you word it. Steve has worked for Microsoft, the New England Patriots,, and Stickybits and he said that in every interview he’s asked that question.

I really think that everybody should take this class whether or not you are looking for a job. You’ll have fun, learn something new, and get to meet cool people.  I honestly think I’m going to take this class again because you’ll always learn something new in this class (that is my belief). I think people should also check out Steve’s blog ( He actually has a general overview of the class and after you read it, You’ll want to sign up.   

The added bonus of this class was meeting Peter Boyce II. I actually got to talk to him about hustlin at Skillshare and it was a pretty cool conversation.  He created which will e-mail on weekly basis of classes in your city.  If you are a Skillshare newbie or addict (like me) it’s worth it to sign up.  You’ll always discover a new class.  Peter also wrote an awesome blog post on why every Founder needs an apprentice which I truly believe.  (

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